The survival of the airline industry

Airline operators have been struggling for years to survive in the face of all kinds of challenges, which forced them to become the living examples of a high-risk activity. It is a business model which is highly exposed to countless factors and with many weak spots beyond their own activity and control.

While four years ago our computer graphics warned about the trickling of disappearing airlines, the consequences of the current health crisis will be even more devastating and operators will be "dropping like flies" in the coming months.

The funeral procession has already begun and companies such as South African Airways, Avianca, Latam, THAI, Air Mauritius, Tame, Flyest, LGW, Level and Aeromexico have declared their closure or are about to do so.

In addition, those that are surviving are hardly going to occupy the gaps left behind by disappeared airlines; on the contrary, they have announced fleet reductions and program adjustments that imply a forthcoming cascade of layoffs in the different areas that they are currently made up of.

In short, the air transport industry is becoming a minefield that forces professionals like us to carefully evaluate the operators we propose to our clients, so as to ensure compliance with the commitments we take in the normal development of our activity.

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