Cookies policy

The website (hereinafter, 'the Platform' or 'the Website', both terms used interchangeably throughout this text) owned by Europair Broker S.A. (hereinafter 'Europair'), uses cookies to enable, enhance and make browsing the Website easier, as well as analysing how the Website and its features are being used and, where applicable, to display ads based on your preferences, necessities and surfing habits. Accessing this Website may involve installing cookies on your terminal equipment (computer, smartphone, tablet...).

We encourage you to carefully read this document in order to find out further information on this technology, the purposes for which it is being used on this Website and how you can manage its use or disable it.

1. Information and consent

In order to comply with the applicable law, the first time that you access the Website a visible notice will be displayed with brief information about the use of cookies, including its typology, a link to this policy and a reference to the possibility to manage or disable them.

It shall be deemed that, by continuing browsing this Website, you agree that we install cookies in your terminal equipment and to use them (you may find further information in section 4 of this document).

2. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your terminal device when browsing the Internet (computer, smartphone, tablet...) as a consequence of visiting certain web pages or enjoying some of the services they offer. These text files allow the storage of information that can be accessed and used by the websites' owners for several purposes. Depending on the purpose for what this information is used, there are five different types of cookies:

  1. Personalisation cookies: these cookies enable to show an optimised version of the Website, adapted to factors such as Users' location, the language, the web browser...
  2. Technical cookies: their function is to provided smoothness and comfort when browsing the Website, as well as to strengthen its security. For instance, they allow users to stay signed-on.
  3. Analytics cookies: they allow us to gather information to statistically assess how Users browse the Website and to understand factors such as the keywords they typed to arrive to our site..
  4. Advertising cookies: their purpose is to manage the advertising spots in the Website, including factors such as displaying ads related with the contents of the web page or measuring how often they appear to a specific user.
  5. Behavioural advertising cookies: their purpose is to manage the advertising spots in the Website in order to offer Users advertising based on their behaviour while browsing and their preferences.

Cookies can be “persistent” or “session” cookies, depending on the time they remain on your terminal device. While persistent cookies remain on your computer even when you have gone offline, session cookies are deleted as soon as you close your web browser.

It is possible to manage and disable the use of cookies at any time. For further information, please read How to manage and disable cookies section.

3. Cookies we use

Currently, we are using the following cookies:

First party cookies

Purpose: This cookie allows us to identify the User and obtain statistical information on our Users browsing habits (PHPSESSID)

  • Persistence: Session

Purpose: These cookies retain certain preferences of the User as regards the use, through the Platform and analytics purposes. (cookie-compliance)

  • Persistence: Persistent

Third party cookies


  • Purpose: These cookies are used by Google in order to enable the proper functioning of some services (Google Maps, Youtube, Google +, etc). Google may also store user preferences and information while browsing the Website with the purpose of offering adapted publicity. (NID, PREF, OGPC)
  • Persistence: Persistent


  • Purpose: Enable Google the proper functioning, in this case of Youtube, through the Website. Google may also store user preferences and information while browsing the Website with the purpose of offering adapted publicity. (PREF, GEUP) / Track the display of videos located on the WebSite (VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE) / Enable the visualization of any Youtube video located in the WebSite (remote_sid)
  • Persistence: Persistent
  • Purpose: Assess the video views located on the WebSite and other ways to interact with the videos (such as like, share etc) (YSC)
  • Persistence: Session

Origin: /

  • Purpose: Ensure that all traffic from the users browser is routed to the same server in Avinode's web-farm and, in general (BIPSvr)
  • Persistence: Session


  • Purpose: Ensures that services provided by Avinode work properly in the Website (AviLastSystem) / This Service of Google Analytics, usde by Avinode, allows to obtain statistical information on the browsing habits of  the user while browsing the Website (_ga)
  • Persistence: Persistent


  • Purpose: Recognizing the terminal equipment or device with which the user navigates and identify the Website (iutk)
  • Persistence: Persistent


  • Purpose: Identify the user member and store user preferences while browsing the Website with the purpose of offering adapted publicity (mc)
  • Persistence: Persistent

4. How to manage and disable cookies

As it's been said before, by browsing the Website or using the services it offers without blocking or disabling cookies, you are consenting us to install and use this technology in your terminal equipment.

You can manage, block, disable and delete cookies installed in your terminal equipment through your web browser's features, at any time.

In addition to your decision to object when visiting us for the first time, you may setup your browser to reject the installation of cookies, to remove then and, in general, to manage them at any time, through your browser's specific parameters to that end.

We list below some links when you may find the steps to follow in order to activate, deactivate, erase and manage cookies in the most common browsers:

Apple Safari 5.1.

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer 11

Mozilla Firefox


In case that your web browser does not appear in the upper list or you are unable to manage cookies, please contact us at we will do our best to help you.

Steps for managing cookies should be similar for any device, but if you have problems with your smartphone or tablet, you may also contact us to obtain support.

As a general rule, it shall be necessary to: 

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Click “Settings”, “Tools”, “Preferences” or similar, typically placed at top of the window.
  3. A new window should arise, containing an option about cookies. Click on it.
  4. Choose your preferred option.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us at if you need further help or information.